At OmniCall, we’re big believers in first impressions. We understand how crucial it is to give new customers an easy transition into our services. From our Free 7-Day Trial, to the set-up of their account, we give it our best to create a lasting impression and relationship. How can you be sure you are doing the same with your first time buyers? These three simple steps are a great way start!

Step 1: Easy to Use Websites

Have you ever visited a website that was so confusing and complicated you immediately closed the window and reverted back to your search to try again? Is this happening with your clients?? Creating a simple, easy to use website gives your potential clients a fantastic first impression of your business. This can also be true for your social media platforms. Be sure to post relevant, interesting material to push them towards your website, and to hopefully initiate that first point of contact.

Step 2: Have a Plan

After you’ve received their initial contact, such as a contact form from your website, the next connection is the most important for your new client. Be sure to have a detailed plan and a main contact for this particular customer. For example, when someone sends in an interest to begin our services, they are immediately placed in the care of one of our Client Relations Representatives. This person is to make the initial phone call to get a feel for their business and to better assess what OmniCall can do to help their business grow. Our CCR also takes the time to give them step by step instructions to help them fully understand how we will set up their account, when they will go live, and everything in between. Having a point person and plan puts new clients at ease knowing they will have that go-to person for any questions or concerns.

Step 3: Follow Up

Here at OmniCall, our Client Relations Department does a fantastic job of reaching out to our clients on a daily basis to make sure everything’s running smoothly, but their favorite part is the initial follow up with the newbies. We make sure to send all of new clients their very own Welcome Gift, complete with a couple OmniCall Mugs, goodies, and literature. These small gestures can mean the world to your newest customer, and can create a lifelong impression.

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Like we always say here at OmniCall, the first impression is the only impression. Make sure you are not only welcoming your new clients with open arms but are also creating a true relationship with them. It’s the only way to gain their loyalty and trust. A happy client is a happy business!

Need help with first impressions? This is where we come in!