One of the most frequent mistakes made in the workplace is in the organization. No matter how strong the project is, you need to define a work scheme and implement an appropriate organizational chart that allows you to work with the same meticulousness and precision as the machinery of a clock, but with a simpler gear system.



The first step to take is to divide the concept of the company. On the one hand, it is a legal entity with a life of its own and, on the other, a tool that carries out a job provides a service or offers a product to the public. Each one has its own identity, so it will need different human resources to take care of it – selection. Someone has to bridge between the two – coordination – and make sure they maintain a parallel, rather than a scattered – direction. These three functions fall on the figure of the boss or boss of the company.



The section of selection tends to prioritize the labor part since, without workers that perform the function of the company, no activity is generated that allows to earn money, the ultimate goal of the business venture. However, due to budgetary adjustments, the people hired end up performing multiple tasks on each side of the company concept. This multifunction does not show versatility, but a huge entanglement with the natural development of the business. It is something similar to forcing a group of miners to extract the iron ore and then take charge of making a ship with them.

The coordination section should anticipate problems and ensure that the communication flows in such a way that it does not interrupt or block the work. If the person in charge of this section is also in charge of other tasks, it will not be too long until problems arise from an evil agenda or that the information does not reach the right person.



Management is essential to control these aspects. But, again, tasks that generate confusion and, ultimately, great organizational chaos within the company are interspersed again. For this reason, during the process of personnel selection, one must pay more than important attention to the person or persons who are responsible for the proper functioning of the business life. These people are the secretaries and, as we said before, their work is usually divided among the employees due to the cost that their presence implies.

But the new technologies have gone a step further in helping to facilitate the daily work of companies with the creation of a virtual secretaries service, especially oriented for SMEs and self-employed workers. Respecting the traditional functions of the secretaries – efficient and educated telephone assistance together with the management of the agenda -, the virtual secretaries have two novel characteristics: multiple ubiquity and non-traumatic structural integration.



The first of these is, without a doubt, the most relevant in the face of the expansion of the company itself. Thanks to its virtual availability, the business can open new branches keeping the internal structure unchanged. That is, the conceptual part of the company will be the same, simply varying the workers needed to develop the work in each geographical point. The centralization of this task generates an important functional balance, since it unifies the management of the business from the network, allowing direct access to each of the work points from the virtual office, optimizing and simplifying the relevant tasks of each from them.



On the one hand, it dispenses with any structural expenditure that the incorporation of a physical secretary implies. Customers and employees will appreciate the no need to make adaptation changes or annoying works within the office. On the other hand, the phones will ring only when the call needs your attention. This allows a better concentration and realization of the work, taking more advantage of the work schedule and accelerating productivity.


Before finishing, I would like to stop overlooking one more feature that offers this service of virtual secretaries, which is that of the image. The first contact that customers have with a company is usually through the telephone. The way in which they are served will significantly influence the idea of the company’s effectiveness. Because professionalism in this field transmits confidence to those, who receive it. Thanks to the affordability of the service of virtual secretaries at present, this important aspect can not be left aside due to budgetary panic. The results more than compensate for the simple effort made.