The Solar Eclipse – It’s a phenomenon you don’t want to miss. So, what happens if you live in Oregon and it’s scheduled to hit during your morning business hours? You can’t just leave your clients hanging. This is where we come in! Simply forward your lines to our OmniCall Receptionists and let us handle the phones while you enjoy the rare cosmic beauty.


Ways we can benefit your business after the Solar Eclipse


24/7 Live Receptionists

Our team of friendly, professional receptionists are trained specifically on providing the best customer service for your business. The fact that we’re available all day, everyday just enhances that level of service to your clientele.


Fraction of the Cost

Our Virtual Receptionists are located in our studio in Georgia, but we service the entire United States. Because we’re “virtual”, you’ll never have to worry about pesky human resource issues such as a salary, vacation days, sick time, etc. We’re literally a fraction of the cost of hiring someone full time.


More Than Call Handling

Our OmniCall Receptionists can do much more than simply answer and transfer your phone calls. We can:

  • Schedule Appointments
  • Generate Support Tickets
  • Create a Database of Your Clients
  • And more!


Don’t leave your clients in the dark. Enjoy the Solar Eclipse of 2017 and much more thanks to our OmniCall Receptionist Service. Contact us today for Pricing information and more.