Imagine how much more of a personable service you could offer your clients if you were able to answer their call with a “Hi Sam, would you like to speak with your agent Susan today?” or a “Hey Amy, thanks for calling Smith and Smith Law Firm. How may I help you?” With our Call Recognition Feature, you can!

So how exactly does it work? Simple. Our system captures the caller id of your customer and projects it onto the screen within your personalized answer phrase. Here’s what our receptionists see when they answer:

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 Another benefit of the feature is the ability to simplify your account. For example, when Sam calls in we will answer by his name and custom answer phrase, but our system will also auto populate the standard fields of information that we usually gather each time a call comes in. This saves both time and money as we will no longer need to spend extra time asking for his phone number, email address, and account number…AGAIN. And we all know, happy clients equals happy business!

This feature is also great for ignoring those pesky solicitors or spam calls. Once we establish it’s a solicitor calling, we can program their number so that we immediately disconnect.  We have several OmniCall Clients taking advantage of our Call Recognition tool. Blake of Silent Blooms Landscaping says it best, “It’s so convenient that you guys are able to recognize the person calling in. We deal with a wide age bracket in this business, and some are a little hard of hearing, so it’s nice knowing they won’t have to struggle through the information every time they call in. I have personal relationships with each of my customers so when your receptionists answer by their first name, they still feel that hospitality as if they were speaking with me directly.”

We’re here to help simplify your life and help your company to succeed. If you’re already a member of the OmniCall Family, we encourage you to ask our programming department about this unique feature. We would love nothing more than to add yet another flare of personable service for your clients.