It’s fairly common knowledge that most crimes are committed outside of regular business hours. Since so much more crime occurs in the evening hours and overnight than during the day, after hours accessibility can be incredibly productive. But even lawyers need to sleep in their own beds every now and then. Don’t buy a pull-out couch for the office! Team up with our professional virtual receptionists with our answering service for lawyers.

Never miss out on potential business again when you trust OmniCall’s 24/7 live answering service to handle your after-hours calls.

Jail is a scary place. After only a few hours, people become desperate and lonely. When your potential clients are facing serious charges, a live, friendly voice can make a world of difference.

Visibility can be bought – Reliability must be earned

  • Consumer research reports that 72% of people contact prospective attorneys by phone when seeking representation.
  • 87% of those callers will retain the services of the first attorney they make contact with.
  • Getting new clients will never be easier with the help of our answering service for lawyers.

Experience You Can Rely On, Dependability You Can Trust

One of the pioneers in the live call answering service industry, OmniCall Receptionists have been a friendly voice on the other end of the line since 1989. We are proud to say that we have been serving our clients for almost 30 years, and hope to be able to do so for at least 30 more!

Missed calls are a thing of the past with OmniCall’s answering service for lawyers.

OmniCall’s team of professional and friendly receptionists are all expertly trained to provide exceptional on-call customer service.

Family-owned and operated, OmniCall Receptionists have been setting the standard in excellent on-call service.

We are a family-owned and operated business that believes the longest lasting relationships  provide each and every caller with the highest standard of customer service in the industry.

An Answering Service for Lawyers is Just What You Need!

With OmniCall, you get so much more than top-of-the-line live call answering services and expertly trained, courteous, professional receptionists for reasonable rates with our answering service for lawyers.

Over the last five years, the live call answering industry has experienced steady market growth. Recognizing the potential for market expansion as it is governed by the basic rules of supply and demand economics, inexperienced companies with big advertising budgets are popping up left and right. Their loyalty is not to their clients or industry, it is to claiming a piece of the proverbial ‘answering service pie’ that companies like OmniCall have had cooling on their windowsill for nearly three decades.

Your clients are the lifeblood of your company. Would you entrust your hard-earned money to anyone other than a professional banker or stock broker? Of course not! So don’t trust your valuable clients to a less experienced, fly-by-night pop-up that pays to appear experienced!

Never miss another call…and when you sign up for OmniCall’s answering service for lawyers, you’ll never miss another opportunity!