When someone feels full and happy with happiness, we say that he is in a cloud. And it is no exaggeration. For in that condensation of water vapor, the celestial spirits inhabit.

However, this post is not about theology or meteorology. The cloud to which we refer is nothing more than the name given to the processing and mass storage of data on the Internet. Its appearance caused a major revolution in the computer world. It was no longer necessary to access your computer in order to find the essential information. Now it could be done from any computer or mobile device.

In other words, we were connected to a virtual supercomputer. For many companies, this facilitated the mobility and sharing of documents without the need to create a local intranet. For others, it speeds up work times, by not needing their workers to return to the office to do their work, being able to do it from the point where they will be.


Mobility and portability

The technological advance is becoming the biggest ally of the self-employed and SMEs in recent times. Previously, they had a spatial and resource limitation that made each working day an unbalanced struggle with large companies. However, the virtual world is managing to level this balance by leaps and bounds. And that’s what we’re going to talk about now since the possibilities that new media offer to the public are still unknown.


More done in a shorter time

The office used to be the place where hours and hours were dedicated to doing the work. Now it is not necessary to do it, because anywhere in the world we can set up our office. Just as the mobile phone allows us to locate and be located without needing to be at a certain point, the cloud opens the door of our office regardless of our location.

However, that does not save us from having to carry out the leaden and weary daily tasks for which we do not have the proper training. And that takes time, a lot, from our real work. It also does not help us to adequately attend telephone calls, which cut the rhythm, interrupt and divide the attention. Not to mention that the agenda is not organized alone. The cloud is beneficial at the spatial level, but someone has to take care of all those things.

Fortunately, those modern angels called virtual secretaries live in the cloud. And the advantages of having a telephone secretary in the cloud are incalculable.


Increased revenue at low cost

Large companies have a strong workforce that allows them to expand and compete more aggressively because of their size. But the virtual world far exceeds the hectares of land they may occupy. This will enable us to develop the workforce of our company in a very economical way since they do not require an expansion of physical space or investment in new materials. Being an established service, we do not have to do anything except hire him to enjoy his professional work. Being a service, we have an experienced team that is responsible for all those tasks that have nothing to do with our daily activity. Free space and time immediately.

A physical secretary will answer the calls from her workplace in the office during a fixed and unmovable schedule. A virtual telephone secretary will always be available at any time and at any time to answer absolutely all the calls we receive, regardless of who they are, wherever they come from.


Boosted productivity of your business

When we compare them with angels, we mean that they will continuously be watching from the cloud for the full and optimal functioning of our business. They also lend an invaluable help when we delegate to them all those steps that we lack the adequate experience to perform. Also, most important of all, not only attend the calls we receive with professionalism and efficiency, but they bring an image of professionalism to our business that results in its reputation, facilitating growth and expansion in the workplace.

The thing about living in the clouds has lost its meaning of not knowing about things. In the cloud lives an authentic dream that is necessary to know to succeed. After so much time asking for divine help to heaven, our prayers have finally been heard. That call has been answered so that you can see its effectiveness.