As a business owner, you work hard to create personal connections with your customers to ensure they keep coming back to you time and time again. Avoid ruining this love fest by replacing these simple yet negative phrases with more positive twists to keep your clients feeling high and happy!


I Don’t Know

Well this is frustrating. They’re calling you because you’re the expert, so telling them you flat out don’t have the answer can be discouraging. Try switching it out with, “That’s a great question. Let me find that out for you!” Your customers will be delighted with your efforts.


Hold Please

Sure, this seems innocent enough. It is after all a step up from “just a sec.” But instead of telling your customers what to do, maybe try asking if they have the moment to hold – “May I place you on a brief hold for a moment while I check that for you?” But be careful! This can all be undone if you’re not willing to listen for their answer to your question. If they so no, work hard to find another solution.


I’m just the _________.

We have strong feelings toward this demeaning phrase here at OmniCall. We don’t tell people we’re just a receptionist – we’re top notch virtual receptionists! Instead of demining your valuable position, lead with how you are best able to assist them. “As the receptionist, I would be happy to take a message and have him return your call.” This shows you’re willingness to help and gives off a more positive vibe.


You Need To…

Ugh, can you be anymore cold? Instead of demanding what they need to do, guide your customers in a more friendly way such as “The best way to do that is…”


No Problem

This one is at the bottom of the list for a reason. It’s not so outrageously negative, but with so many positive alternatives, why not replace it? A simple “You’re welcome” “My pleasure” or “Gladly” change the entire feel of the conversation.


Just a slight tweak in your phrasing and tone can make a world of difference when speaking with a customer. And remember, these are even more prevalent when dealing with a phone conversation versus face to face interaction.  Going above and beyond with your personal connections is worth the extra thought!