Telephone Receptionists You Can Trust

Our call receptionists are equipped to provide the best experiences possible for your callers. They are especially skilled in the art of delighting others with their warmth and generosity.

Personalized Live Call Answering at Your Fingertips

With all our virtual receptionist services, we aim to put you, the customer, first every time. We will provide customized solutions that fit your needs and allow you to strengthen your connections with your clients.

High-Quality Remote Receptionists

Our remote receptionists are patient and will treat every customer as a human being, making them feel welcome. Your customers will appreciate the hospitality and trust your business more.

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We Screen

Caller information is scanned and evaluated, eliminating unwanted calls and increasing productivity.

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We Announce

Caller information is forwarded with your calls, ensuring you will always know who is on the line.

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We Connect

Callers will always be connected with the right person in the right department, building caller confidence.


No Caller Wait Times

24/7 Live Call Answering

No Missed Calls


Quick Call Screening

Accurate Call Routing

Courteous, Friendly Operators

Client Base Growth

No Clients Lost to Hang-Ups


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70% of customer satisfaction is based upon experiencing quality service

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Virtual receptionists establish personal connections, creating loyal customers

happy virtual receptionist customers, live call answering profits

Customer base growth and reduced overhead increases company profit margins

During peak business hours or in the middle of the night, your clients are guaranteed to reach a live receptionist, able to provide solutions, take messages, receive orders and more.

Phones are a Distraction

Our Virtual Receptionist Service Eliminates Distractions!


Streamline your inbound call process


Increase in-house staff productivity


Live call answering, messages recorded, order completion.

Take Us For a Test Drive

Ready to experience the OmniCall difference for yourself?

You’re only a few clicks away from speaking live to one of our professional live operators.

Plans that Fit Your Unique Business, From Start-up to Megacorporation

Full Time Receptionist

No longer worry about late, sick or absent staff. Our live call answering service means no more missed calls. Ever.

As Needed

With the flexibility to forward your lines to OmniCall anytime you feel busy, you can switch between answering calls on your own or delegating to our Remote Receptionist Service.


Are you struggling to cope up with growing peak hour calls? Work with OmniCall and let us answer all the overflowing calls that you can’t answer.

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